Violent Vickie Bares Her Seething Dark Side on Industrial Darkwave Song “Serotonin”

Violent Vickie, photo courtesy the artist

There a sense of urgent menace to Violent Vickie’s “Serotonin.” The distorted synth loop, the crunchy guitar drone, the insistent beat, darkly plaintive vocals sound like something straight out of the depths of the darker corners of American urban decay of the 90s and early 2000s before developers much cared about all this future prime property and left it neglected while they expanded suburban sprawl. In moments it recalls early Switchblade Symphony and The Cranes but more industrial, more gritty and certainly drawing on more current electronic music influences and soundscape sculptors out of the realm of experimental, abstract metal and underground retro-electro—the intense, plaintive and emotionally nuanced vocals is where that resonance is strongest. The production is solid and well arranged but Violent Vickie remembered not to smooth over the rough edges that give the music some character and unflinching expression of despair and desperation mixed in with the catharsis of personal angst. Listen to “Serotonin” on Soundcloud, follow Violent Vickie at the links provided and look out for the new album, Division, due out May 2020 on Crunch Pod.