DigDog’s Apocalyptic Video for “Sirens of Hell” is a Heavy Math Rock Warning Against Future Disasters Coming At Us From Humanity’s Collective Blind Spots

Images of a tunnel, a gas-masked figure, a skull flowing with dark clouds from its crown, the inside of a cathedral, people in prayer cast in grey overtones all combine to give the early parts of the video for DigDog’s “Sirens of Hell” video a properly apocalyptic feel. The lyrics seem to take on the perspective of someone with a Millenarian mindset outlining humanity’s fall from grace through the auspices of social media and other outlets of manipulating people’s consciousness and public opinion. Given the impact of conspiracy theories and communities for them made more widely accessible because of various social media platforms and digital media making it easier to gain a broad audience for someone capable of presenting whatever ideological perspective they please in an entertaining way or at least in a manner that seems cohesive but may not be and is essentially accountable to no one as long as it makes money. DigDog sets this narrative to dynamic, heavy math rock like the mutant child of Don Caballero and Primus trading between scorching riffs and an elegantly intricate, introspective, spindly guitar figure contrasting the fragile balance of human existence and what looks like its doom from seemingly harmless sources as suggested in the song when the vocalist sings “it’s gonna hit when you least expect” referring to the acts of the devil as a metaphor for humanity’s most self-destructive impulses shielded from clear view by our collective hubris. In the video images of a virus certainly points out one of those vectors of the downfall of our species because of how we’ve failed to act appropriately and what obvious thing could be next to land in our lap to wreck civilization as we know it? Watch the video for “Sirens of Hell” on YouTube and listen to more DigDog on Spotify.