The Soft Focus and Deep Mood of deo autem nihil’s Ambient IDM Track “vivere et vivere” Untangles the Knot of Learned Anxiety

A sound of rain outside the window and birds in the near distance accompanies a foggy, abstract melody like sunlight peeking through a morning bank of low hanging clouds. That’s the imagery conjured by the beginning of deo autem nihil’s “vivere et vivere” before a hovering, luminous drone fades in and out and an incredibly minimal set of texture tones establishes a spare beat. The main melody resonates out with a quickly decaying resonance that conveys a contemplative mood. The title of the song means “to live and to live” which may be a subtle statement on taking things day by day as a way to move through a period in one’s life where you feel compelled to spend long moments reflecting on your life as a path forward and to live with intention and with a simplicity of focus and patience for your limitations rather than the artificial and forced intensity often imposed on our lives. The song is reminiscent of 1980s library music and thus 1990s IDM but is not beholden to a specific aesthetic beyond its own which establishes a strongly identifiable yet gentle mood. Listen to “vivere et vivere” on Spotify and follow deo autem nihil at the links below.

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