Agency 666 Takes You Into a Starkly, Beautifully Haunted Journey Into the Subconscious on “Deep Sleep”

Agency666, image courtesy the artist

Listening to Agency666’s “Deep Sleep” you are drawn into the realm of soundscapes that feel like you’ve entered into the weird end of a supernatural horror ARG in which you must navigate out of your own subconscious mind. “Every time I close my eyes” is the refrain that floats about, processed to echo parts of the vocal like repeated images that throw you off the trail of the path out of this spiraling maze of sound. The sound of what seems to be chirping insects in the distance surrounds you, a warping, melodic arpeggio intertwines with the voice in a staccato pattern that serves almost as a luminous walkway in a dark realm until the end when the whole beautifully nightmarish, minimalistic world fades from your hearing. It’s reminiscent of HTRK or a demented, stark side of Everything But The Girl in being so alien, minimal and enveloping but more in the realm of minimal techno yet unlike much of anything that fits neatly in any genre. The song comes from the project’s Fear of the Unknown EP and you can listen to the single on Spotify and follow Agency666 on the Soundcloud account.