Freedom Fry’s “David Bowie” is a Simple Love Song About Rejecting Conformity of Identity in Our Ever Evolving World

Freedom Fry, photo courtesy the artists

With its new single “David Bowie,” Freedom Fry once again demonstrates its knack for letting stripped down but sonically rich music serve as a backdrop to a compelling and relatable, if unusual, story. In this case the narrator is someone who can’t help being a weirdo who goes through life dressed up like they’re out of the same science fiction glam universe as David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust phase. But our storyteller is casually confused by people not accepting their normal because it suits them. And let’s face it, business casual or formal business wear is odd in its own right because it imposes a uniform standard of presenting oneself and thus conformity. In its way it is a form of psychological warfare to normalize behaviors and mindsets that deny your unique human qualities. The narrator of “David Bowie” sees no reason to adhere to such needlessly strict and destructive standards and rejects the laughter of those who have submitted to the will of conditioned and unquestioned behavior. This narrator sanely sets their own standard and speaks nothing of imposing one on others. It’s also a bit of a love song suggesting a like-minded companion has been found who too can shrug off the shackles of a phony sense of normalcy. If anyone was an avatar of making the world accept his eccentricity it was the likes of David Bowie, Prince and Sun Ra but Freedom Fry made David Bowie the icon this time out. Listen to “David Bowie” on YouTube and follow Freedom Fry at the links below.