“Space Operator” is Dan Wilson’s Cosmic Motorik Techno Track for an Interstellar Disco

Dan Wilson’s single “Space Operator” makes great use of seemingly random tones in a steady beet to give a sense of being an entity monitoring interstellar communication networks and making sure the pathways of technology and infrastructure as yet unimagined up to the task of facilitating are functioning as designed and troubleshooting any anomalies. A disembodied female voice comments on the quantum phenomena occurring in this environment and otherwise the track proceeds at a great yet measured clip. Music it’s reminiscent of the Wire song “Ahead” but stripped of the formal rhythms and dynamics with other sounds more techno-flavored swapped in for the guitar, bass and the kinds of synths Wire would have used. It has that mysteriousness and momentum and a sense of moving forward boldly into the unknown. Think of it a bit like cosmic motorik disco. Listen to “Space Operator” on Spotify and follow Dan Wilson at the links below.

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