Daddy Who’s “Clock Clock Clacka” is a Homage to the Dreamlike Production Style of 90s Underground Hip-hop

Daddy Who, image courtesy the artist

The breaks on Daddy Who’s “Clock Clock Clacka” are so intentional and precise yet organic that it sounds like the work of an expert turntablist setting the tempo either before something big hits or between epic tracks. The synth swells, the sleigh bells placed so tastefully, the vocals speaking the title of the song and echoing off, the myriad other sonic details are reminiscent of another era of hip-hop before trap became one of the dominant styles of beatmaking. That era when producers like The Alchemist, DJ Premier, collectives like Hieroglyphics and artists on the Stones Throw label assembled sounds from disparate sources to set a mood channeled into a rhythm whether lyrics flowed with the soundscape or not. Listen to “Clock Clock Clacka” on Bandcamp.

Daddy Who’s Hypnotically Looping “Space Jam” is Like Hold Music For Making Reservations at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Daddy Who, image courtesy the artist

Not to be confused with the Quad City DJ’s song of the same name at all, Daddy Who’s “Space Jam” is like a loop of shimmering synth over bursts of ascending horn samples, a downtempo jazz rhythm and vocals that almost come across like voice synthesizer pieces or odd artifacts from pre-recorded announcements processed to fit that perfect tonal and textural moment at the beginning and at the end of the track. Is it a ring tone for an incoming call from another galaxy or hold music for The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. It could work as either because the loop fools you into a sense of generative composition as it makes its way hypnotically into your brain. Listen below and follow Daddy Who at the link provided.

Space Jam by Daddy Who