Drones Que Caen’s “Condicionado” Casts a Beautifully Doleful Musical Drift Like a Montage of Your Life’s Regrets

Drones Que Caen, photo courtesy the artists

Argentinian experimental rock band Drones Que Caen from Buenos Aires is doing the soundtrack to a documentary film to be released at the end of 2020. The film is about a homeless poet who lived on the same street in Sao Paulo for more than a decade. Throughout 2020 the group has been and will release a single every month that reflects its eclectic musical interests that span the kind of intensely emotional singer-songwriter material we heard from Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith, the production heavy industrial rock of Nine Inch Nails and the similarly-minded and musically diverse Argentinian rock band A-Tirador Láser. That said, its single “Condicionado,” written as the main theme of the aforementioned documentary, breaks from all expectations one might have of the group’s cited influences. Its drifting yet fluidly seething synth drones cast a melancholic, dream-like tone. The composition makes exquisite use of a simple keyboard figure as a kind of framework from which the other sounds including an elongated, doleful guitar drone hang like uncomfortable memories passing through your mind in a montage of regret. Listen to “Condicionado” on Soundcloud and follow Drones Que Caen at the links provided.