“Coffee In The Morning” by The Millennial Club is Like a Hazy Early Morning Conversation With Yourself About Whether or Not the Relationship is Over

The Millennial Club, photo by Carly Whalen

“Coffee In The Morning” by The Millennial Club has the kind of hush, hazy sound that sounds like what an early morning before the day gets into full bloom feels like—cool, languid, indistinct memories and a mind awake but not ready to take on the reality of modern, urban America during business hours. The back and forth dialogue of male and female vocals (the latter from guest singer Tori Romo) and the pondering about the contrasting viewpoints of people in a challenging relationship. The production allows tones to swirl and drift into the distance while the voices sound as intimate as a conversation with yourself. The chorus of “If it was easy everyone would do it” is like a mantra to keep trying even though the relationship seems on the verge of coming apart. And having that talk with yourself before your brain is in the linear logic mode demanded by daytime life is the perfect format to suss out the complexities of a situation so that you’re not yet in a place where you pick everything apart based on what you think you know rather than from a place where what you feel and what you think are closer together in your psyche. Listen to “Coffee In the Morning” on Soundcloud and follow The Millennial Club at the links provided. Look for The Millennial Club’s sophomore EP in 2020.