“Caterpillar Motion” by Sudo Williams is One Piece of his Futuristic Concept Album That Stimulates Multiple Parts of Your Brain

Sudo Williams, photo courtesy the artist

Sudo Williams gets “Caterpillar Motion” off the ground with an insistent and irresistible flow of words and imagery weaving in references to mythology and daydreaming. The background melody as almost a rhythmic counterpoint to the cadence of the lyrics is an ascending series of ethereal tones and synth drone accents giving the song a dynamic contrast of mood and texture. The song is part of the album Me, You & Them which takes place in the year 3005 in a town named Port Ambedo where music doesn’t exist and life is experienced visually. Except for the latter there is no real night and day, just eternal starlight and the appearance of an Aurora Borealis to mark the day as the citizens of the town are active at night. The main character of the songs is a figure named B( )R (pronounced “Bear”) who has an eidetic memory and a form of synesthesia between sound and color. In giving the songs a dual property working together so well as described above, Sudo Williams in this song and others is helping us to think in ways that by drawing us into songs that stimulate our various cognitive capacities in numerous ways with poetic lyrics that tie it all together into a cohesive whole. You can listen to the single and the rest of the album on Soundcloud and follow Sudo Williams at the links below.