Alvinos Zavlis Evokes a Sense of Countless Multitudes and Depths in One’s Own Mind on “Can’t let U go”

With a title like “Can’t let U go” one might expect a different style of music going in. But composer Alvinos Zavlis brings a looped piano figure that suggests endless cycles of seemingly infinite variety. This while wind instrument drones drift in and out while a female vocalist sings in a fashion both ritualistic and classical. Lingering piano notes mark time later in the track and distorted violin adds dramatic texture alongside slow bursts of synth tones. The vocals layer and double to create a sense of experiences and memories outside of linear time and in fact the song feels like something written in compound time akin to something you might have heard from late 80s Dead Can Dance or Heilung. The net effect is majestic and transporting while meditative and tranquil. The image for the single of a figure crying out to reveal spiral staircases within spiral staircases truly evokes the impression of the song expressing the idea of countless multitudes and depth within everyone. Listen to “Can’t let U go” on Spotify and connect with Zavlis at the links below.

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