Sarah Jackson-Holman’s Un-Self-Conscious Love Song “Candy” is Like an Indie Cinema Homage Early New Wave Music Videos

Sara Jackson-Holman, photo courtesy the artist

Sara Jackson-Holman shot the video for “Candy” on an iPhone in the hotel room in Yucca Valley one evening with her husband to give the making of the video the same intimate quality of the song. From the visual effects of the title and color bars to the visual tones the video looks like a far better than average home movie shot on VHS. Jackson-Holman’s breathy vocals are reminiscent of a mix of Emma Ruth Rundle and Julee Cruise. Lush atmospheres hang around the edges of the melody, swelling with the cadence of the lyrics, accented by minimal percussion. There is an off-the-cuff quality to the editing of the video in how it begins more traditionally but ends without a resolution of the action like a lot of early 80s, New Wave music videos. That aspect of the video and the song sync well as this song is like one love song in what could be a larger narrative but works well on its own. Watch the video for “Candy” on YouTube and follow Jackson-Holman on Spotify.