Calcou’s Tranquility Inducing “Tongue-Tied” is the Sound of Peaceful Denouement Before Life’s Next Big Adventure Begins

Calcou, photo courtesy the artist

Calcou sure picked a nice palette of sounds to convey the sense of conclusion of a chapter in life and pondering about the future and new adventures on “Tongue-Tied.” A simple melodic drone, the sounds of gentle rain, warm Rhodes piano and GRIP TIGHT’s luminous vocals lend this final track from Calcou’s aptly titled EP The Prologue an almost spiritual calm and restfulness, a mood of being refreshed from a long period of struggle and labor for something more fortifying and inspiring ahead and being able to wonder what that might be but not being driven to action before one is ready to take on life’s challenges once again and having the freedom and space to take time out to rest and come into the proper frame of mind to tackle whatever may come your way with integrity. Listen to “Tongue-Tied (feat. GRIP TIGHT)” on Soundcloud and follow Calcou at the links provided.

Calcou’s “Colors on Screen (feat. GRIP TIGHT)” is Like the Soundtrack to the Awakening Wonder in an Artificial Intelligence to the Phenomenon of Creativity

Calcou, “Colors on Screen” cover (cropped)

The bell tones that carry the melody on Calcou’s “Colors on Screen (featuring GRIP TIGHT)” bring a seemingly random and organic element to a steady, mathematical beat and paradoxically emotional robotic vocals. Like an A.I. contemplating the very fact of pixels on a screen and what went into making that happen and the concept of what informed the choice of those colors or, if not so chosen, the design behind making those patterns of color manifest as they do. Rather than take for granted that we can merely program a somewhat randomizing set of color sequences as in an old dynamic screensaver or use a computer to design visual art or even merely a flyer, the newly aware artificial intelligence expresses wonder at what is behind what humans might think of as calculated and mathematical on one level because to us it is but as humans sometimes wonder at what the primary forces behind existence and how it manifests and why, an intelligent being we designed by accident might wonder at similar things coming from an angle that can’t be our own. This song may not be about that but it would make a good soundtrack to a story about this happening and how artificial intelligences might not be homicidal robots destroying us for our inefficiency but beings of great empathy who share a wonder at existence and creativity in a way we could never have predicted. Listen to “Colors on Screen” on Soundcloud and follow Calcou at the links provided.