Classy Joanzy’s Hard Panning Bass Line on “Brokedance” is Truly Uniquely Dance-Worthy

Classy Joanzy Oh Hey cover

There’s something oddly familiar to Classy Joanzy’s single “Brokedance.” Like the melody of Queens of the Stone Age’s “Better Living Through Chemistry” channeled through the lens of T. Rex and modern psychedelic pop. Some gentle guitar strumming, spare percussion, phase-y, near falsetto vocals and expertly accented, melodic bass. With the latter, though, is where this song sets itself apart because it sits in the mix with some creative, hard panning and if you listen with headphones or a decent sound system/sound card each note of the bass arpeggio hits on a different side of the stereo frequency giving the song not just a unique sonic dynamic but also an unconventional musical complexity that is intricate but not too busy. When many bands aiming to give a song a dance rhythm aim for what’s been done a million times better by other artists essentially borrowing funk and disco beats, Classy Joanzy gives us something different and dance-worthy. Listen to “Brokedance” on Soundcloud and follow Clazzy Joanzy at the links below.