Bonelang Distills the Essence of the Disillusionment With the Dehumanizing Grind of Modern Life on “Dog Cannibal”

Bonelang, photo courtesy the artists

Bonelang set the existential song “Dog Cannibal” to a fairly uplifting beat with an orchestral composition with a slightly urgent pace. But the vocals which include Kweku Collins trade couplets revealing slices of life that tie it to concrete experiences and those pondering the nature of what it all signifies beyond what we’ve come to think of as the good life like a sip of cold Coca Cola, and spending hours under the sky in the summer evening with “flashes of ‘Neighborhood #1’ by Arcade Fire” and learning about one another. But the question of was this life everything you hoped for even though maybe it was the one you worked hard to get. The rapid fire rapping in the last third or so of the song drives home that side of the song and the choruses of “maybe you can help me lick my wounds” and “dog eat dog eat dog” and references to a mouth like a guillotine sound like a call for help and the realization that maybe some situation you idealized revealed its not dark side so much as the hard reality of what it takes, the compromises and too often ruthless habits, to even merely get by in one’s chosen realized American Dream. Fans of cLOUDDEAD and maybe even Hymie’s Basement will appreciate the creative and precise wordplay and the eclectic soundscapes that weave together modern production and stylistic flourishes with classic pop song craft. Listen to “Dog Cannibal” (which is a clever way of saying “dog eat dog,” of course) on Spotify and follow Bonelang at the links below.

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