The Glitched Out Video for Philip Morgan Lewis’ Psych-Blues “Blowtorched Dreams” is a Reflection of a Warping, Fragmenting Culture

Philip Morgan Lewis, photo courtesy the artist

The video for Philip Morgan Lewis’ “Blowtorched Dreams” (released on TX2 Records on 10/28/19) was filmed in Los Angeles and the black and white format with the video glitches seems like a good match for the song. It’s a kind of psychedelic blues track about a person who has hit bottom in a place where dreams are manufactured and to where many go in pursuit of unrealistic dreams. The warping and wefting guitar line traces that descent into the gutter once the dreams of stardom seem like a cruel joke, and abstracted to the larger world, how we were told all these myths about success through hard work, the presentation of so many realms of American culture and business as a meritocracy and how that sort of narrative plays out worldwide and how it seems everyone has realized it’s a complete and utter sham with some foolish holdouts thinking they’re going to be the exception. The distortion in the song represents that cognitive dissonance and the waking up to the nightmare but also the strand of hope in at least coming to these dark realizations because knowing the truth is the first step toward at least trying to have a better life. Watch the video on YouTube and follow Philip Morgan Lewis at the links provided.