Mako Bron Celebrates the Will to Exit a Life Situation With Vigor on Synth Pop Song “Hit the Road”

Mako Bron, photo courtesy the artist

Mako Bron takes us on a bit of a musical time travel trip on “Hit the Road.” Its infectious hooks and beautiful synth melody at times is reminiscent of early Berlin and how that band didn’t quite fit in with the world of late 70s/early 80s synth pop while helping to define it. The use of horns in the mix hits similar emotional resonances as James but this is no retro song. It resonates with the same spirit of that music with the tones, the components of the songwriting and the way Bron harmonizes with the background vocals and the manner in which all the melodic elements come together in the chorus to really drive home a message of personal liberation. It’s a song that expresses a strong desire to be free of a situation and a relationship that feels stifling and no longer feels like something that fortifies life and sometimes that simply means you have to get away geographically to reinforce the emotional departure. This song celebrates that impulse with great spirit. Listen to “Hit the Road” on Spotify and follow Australian songwriter Mako Bron at the links below.

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