Davi Valois Expresses the Demented and Destructive Quality of the World’s Oligarchic Leaders on his New Single “Event Horizon”

David Valois and friends, photo courtesy the artist

The sense of the surreal and sinister to Davi Valois’ “Event Horizon” reflects the political reality of modern Brazil with Jair Bolsonaro, a fascist leader whose bizarre beliefs and ease with the use of violent repressive policies, aren’t far removed from the likes of Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines and Vladimir Putin or what Donald Trump would do if he could yet get away with it. With processed vocal samples and an unsettling melody cast in luminous piano tones and synth, Valois seems to evoke the demented side of Wendy Carlos’ iconic soundtrack work for A Clockwork Orange—a way to ridicule an awful and dangerous political regime while also invoking how as absurd as it is, those types of figures and governments destroy everything around them from the norms of governance and civic culture, the institutions that brought stability to society and the economic system itself. Given that, by extension, the aforementioned political figures contribute to the destruction of the world itself. “Event Horizon” is part of an album called Bátraquio that addresses these issues as well as the depression and general despair and malaise that infects everyone in ways they may not realize and how not all change should be embraced when it is not so much inevitable as part of a programme to benefit the few at the expense of everyone else in a self destructive spiral that will not even spare the perpetrators. Listen on Spotify and explore Valois work further at the links provided.