Krept & Konan Give Us a Gritty and Powerful Slice of Life in London’s Hip-hop Underground With “Ban Drill”

Krept & Konan, photo courtesy the artists

Krept & Konan’s “Ban Drill” is a harrowing and poignant song about life on the lower rungs of society and the desperation and dream crushing aspects of a social reality that seems aimed at undermining anyone’s efforts to escape the cycle of poverty. Much as in the USA in the 80s and 90s, so-called “gangsta rap” that dared to accurately depict life in impoverished urban life mixed with a sometimes nihilistic sometimes aspirational mythologizing and swagger was targeted as being inherently dangerous to society, especially when it started to become commercially successful and popular outside the areas that spawned it. Drill music, its artists and its culture have been seen in a similar light whether in the USA where it spawned as a form of trap in Chicago or in Brixton in the UK. But “Ban Drill” and its video shows not just the down side of how that subculture is treated but also its promise as reflecting a life that isn’t 100% positive so it doesn’t have to hide or be swept aside or unacknowledged. Watch the remarkable video below a dollow Krept & Konan at the links provided.