Bad Flamingo Adopts a Zen-like Composure in the Face of Everyday Chaos on “Rolling Around In It”

Bad Flamingo, photo courtesy the artists

There’s something about Bad Flamingo’s “Rolling Around In It” that sounds like something you’d hear in the opening sequence of an animated film version of a Daniel Clowes graphic novel. The eccentric elements of sound from the use of instrumentation in the guitar and bass and almost Bossa Nova rhythms in minimalist arrangements coming together in peak moments and quickly dissolving into the background to accent and frame a series of images in the lyrics that seem to follow a symbolic dream logic. Words about how a cold glass of water will turn someone into mud, the chorus of “a seven a seven a cherry a cherry a cherry a pit” suggesting the outcome on an unusual slot machine, a lighting rod that can actually be surprised it got struck. Is that really what we’re hearing? What does it all mean? That everyone and everything has unexpected vulnerabilities and outcomes and best to take a Zen approach to this built in element of chaos in a world of complex dynamic intersections? Who can say but this song that comes off like one of Suzanne Vega’s more idiosyncratic and meditative pop compositions but even weirder has an undeniable hook like much of the output of Bad Flamingo. Listen to “Rolling Around In It” on Spotify and follow Bad Flamingo at the links below.

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Bad Flamingo Sketches the Attraction of Rebellion Against Restrictive Culture Mores on “Bad Apple”

Bad Flamingo, photo courtesy the artists

Bad Flamingo’s single “Bad Apple” sounds like a bit of blues folklore told accompanied by percussive banjo, slide guitar flares, acoustic guitar strum accents and a touch of synth. Like a soundtrack to a tale of someone who has spent entirely too much of their life doing what’s good and proper only to find out whatever defines those things in a conventional sense aren’t very psychically satisfying. So she years to be lead astray, as it were, by someone who other people say is the proverbial bad apple. But as in real life this person’s life represents liberation from an internalized oppressive culture rather than genuinely a bad person but as anyone born to rebel against the status quo what that person represents is an element of danger too as when you learn that you have so many more options in life you don’t want to go back into the cultural corral. At times it’s reminiscent of a Kimya Dawson song or Garfunkel and Oates but without the comedy and more emphasis on the surreal and freely associating and subverting cultural myths. Listen to “Bad Apple” on Soundcloud and connect with Bad Flamingo at the links below.

Behold Bad Flamingo’s Slinky, Psychedelic Spaghetti Western Song “The House Is on Fire”

Bad Flamingo, photo courtesy the artists

“The House Is on Fire” by Bad Flamingo sounds like something that will be in the inevitable Jim Jarmusch haunted rural town where a secret society of dentists that practice mummification in their “health cult” undergoes a power struggle for the leadership of the group that changes its membership and mission forever. Just plug “dentist mummy cult” into a search engine and have at it. But this song, slinky, spaghetti western psychedelia, downtempo and sensual would fit a montage when the whole thing goes upside down and the final conflict is afoot. Simple guitar accents, soothing vocals and spooky bell tone and synths conspire to give the song a feeling like something out of 60s garage rock and Peggy Lee’s weirder songs. Listen to “The House Is on Fire” on Soundcloud and follow Bad Flamingo at the links below.