“@m hours” by baby back then is a Tender Breakup Song Without Angst

baby back then, image courtesy the artist

Sometimes you find yourself in a relationship that after the initial rush of attraction you wonder how you ever got involved with that person but you still try rather than give up because maybe you’re going through something in your own head. But then the core disconnect becomes more obvious and you find yourself finding excuses to spend less time with that person and that dynamic just causes unnecessary drama and things end in a less than ideal fashion. “@m hours” by baby back then is a song about that sort of experience and the conflicting emotions that seem to make a bad end inevitable but without bad intentions going in. The spare melody with guitar, minimalist percussion and breathy vocals express both sides of that experience eloquently and how most people enter into a doomed relationship without malice in the beginning or really in the end either. Listen to “@m hours” on Soundcloud and follow baby back then at the links below.