The Sense of Hope Against Unlikely Odds is Palpable in Thomas Azier’s Orchestral Pop Song “Hold On Tight”

Thomas Azier, photo courtesy the artist

Dutch songwriter Thomas Azier teamed up with filmmaker Ayoto Ataraxia for a breathtaking video treatment of his song “Hold On Tight.” Filmed in Myanmar and shot on 16 millimeter, the short film takes slices out of the day of people riding a motorbike and public transport in the early hours. The doleful horn and urgent string arrangement carry us forward into the song with Azier’s resonant tenor joining in about halfway through to offer a dramatic narrative about how we often need to accept the uncertainty and potential perils around us to move forward to where we need to be or to at least experience a sense of liberation from what weighs us down, to maybe experience an internal feeling of freedom from a situation or context that can be oppressive or hold us back for now from fulfilling what might be our potential or happiness. The sense of hope against what seems like unlikely odds is palpable in the song. Watch the video for “Hold On Tight” on YouTube, connect with Azier at the links below and look out for the songwriter’s new album Love, Disorderly which was released on June 12, 2020.