Autow Nite Superstore’s “Sharp, Sharp Blade” Invites You Into a Journey of Late Night Intrigue

Autow Nite Superstore, photo courtesy the artist

The name Autow Nite Superstore brings to mind the image of a twenty-four hour petrol station in the middle of nowhere or at least on the edge of town that is also part video rental store department store, coffee shop and dance club. The video for the group’s song “Sharp, Sharp Blade” made with the help of collaborators all around the world since the regular shooting of the video was interrupted by the global pandemic of 2019-2020. The result is a short film that is reminiscent of a Nicolas Winding Refn project and Run Lola Run with tonally rich techno score that is spacious and urgent. The standout bass line in the song expands and thins out in a fluid dynamic with the phased synth arpeggio and wordless vocals for a song that soothes the mind and brings you along for a journey into late night intrigue. Watch the video on YouTube, connect with the Greek techno project at the links below and check out for the full length album Conversations on Bandcamp.