The Instrumental Synth Pop of Ambicture’s “Lyudmi” Glows With an Introspective Hopefulness

Ambicture, photo courtesy the artist

Icy synths and a minimalist splash of percussion draws us into Ambicture’s single “Lyudmi” before ethereal guitar rings out through the soundscape. Hazy notes intone in the background and like lights in the fog. But the guitars come back in after fading out a moment with some fortifying distortion accompanied by a brief wave of gritty synth tone. There are no lyrics to give the song a narrative context but the moods it evokes are those of fond memories and warm yearning for a reunion with one’s beloved. It’s like a song one would expect to hear in one of the more recent existential, science fiction horror films like something from Brandon Cronenberg film or Anthony Scott Burns. And like some of the music from those movies there is a hopefulness in the introspective moods that has an instant emotional resonance. Listen to “Lyudmi” on Spotify and follow Ambicture on the project’s website.