Best Shows in Denver 02/05/18 – 02/07/18

Mega Bog, photo by Vanessa Haddad. Mega Bog tonight, Monday, February 5, 2018, at The Bluebird Theater

Monday | February 5, 2018

The Killers, photo by Anton Corbijn

Who: The Killers w/Albert Hammond Jr. and Amanda Brown
When: Monday, 02.05, 6:30 p.m.
Where: 1stBank Center
Why: The Killers seemed to have attained commercial success out of the gates in 2004 in a way not enjoyed by most other bands out of the post-punk revival. It’s incredibly catchy songs weren’t dark and brooding or steeped in the kind of No Wave dub and funk that was often associated with much of the post-punk music coming out around the turn of the century. Yet, it’s low-end heavy pop songs brightened by Brandon Flowers’ keyboard and synth work ensured that The Killers were always going to be different from some mainstream commercial band. In 2017, The Killers released Wonderful Wonderful which revealed a bit of a change of direction for a band that has consistently had changes of direction because Flowers and his bandmates have always more or less followed their own instincts in writing the music and pulling together subject matter for the songs. With Wonderful Wonderful, Flowers questions and explores the foibles and limitations of what many might consider the traditional view of masculinity. In the era we’re in, a famous pop band saying that sensitivity to one’s fellow humans and compassion is more useful, practical and necessary than an outmoded tough guy, know-everything persona is a step in the right direction.

Who: Destroyer w/Mega Bog
When: Monday, 02.05, 7 p.m.
Where: The Bluebird Theater
Why: Dan Bejar has been at Destroyer for over two decades now. And true to his aim with the project, each of his albums sounds different from the others. Sure, not necessarily drastic changes but from the lo-fi indie pop style of 1996’s We’ll Build Them a Golden Bridge to the foggy dark folk of Kaputt and to the fascinating combination of moody electronics and intimate songwriting of 2017’s ken, Bejar’s diversity as an artist is impressive. That sheer range and excellence of his output, as well as his willingness to experiment so freely with his sounds, is reminiscent of Robyn Hitchcock’s impossible to pigeonhole musical career.

Opening for this tour is Mega Bog, the now New York City-based band fronted by main songwriter Erin Birgy. Mega Bog began in Seattle from which Birgy toured extensively on the DIY circuit for several years bringing her imaginative and innovative pop songs and sound experiments. Locally, Mega Bog earned a bit of a following for her memorable shows at Rhinoceropolis and Yellow Feather Coffee. In 2017, Mega Bog released its second album, Happy Together, an album that reflects a bit of Birgy’s having moved to NYC and working on ideas and songs in the four years since her first full-length, 2013’s Gone Banana. Whatever specifically went into the album it sounds like little else going on at the moment except for maybe it could be compared to Aldous Harding’s Party while sounding nothing like it. Just that uniqueness of sound and songwriting vision. It’s eleven tracks weave together a free jazz sensibility with indie folk delicacy, ambient soundscapes and uncommon personal insight.

To Be Continued…