Wax Heart Sodality’s Rousing Post-punk Anthem “Alphas” Calls For Cutting Out the Marketing Culture-Driven Generational Conflict

Wax Heart Sodality, photo courtesy the artists

The concept of Wax Heart Sodality is that of a secret society against despair and more, to take those down low and take them to their potential heights. Or at least that seems to be the aim outlined in the sort of short origin story video below the Spotify player below. The group’s debut single “Alphas” is the story of a frustration with the kinds of bully alpha males many of us grew up knowing and who grew up to be authoritarian personality types who think Brexit or Donald Trump or Jair Bolsonaro are perfectly fine. But also with the mentality of “generation alpha,” the children of millennials who are tech savvy and imagine themselves more informed and thus superior in some ways to previous generations but due to the inescapable realities of age and lack of life experience do not possess the knowledge and perspective to be aware of their own blind spots just like all previous generations in their youth and the myriad social and psychological problems not yet understood, acknowledged or dealt with in a humane and productive way. On the surface the driving pace of the song and its melancholic tone seems to be a both sides critique but in the end it’s really a call to cut with the praise of generations as the clear tool of marketing and the oligarchy to flatter and divide. Which is a much more nuanced perspective than self-congratulations on not being a “Boomer,” an apathetic “Gen X-er” or smugly vitriolic casting aspersions on “millennials” and “Gen Z” and their supposed laziness and subpar taste in music and so-called culture. But even if one doesn’t want to engage in the finer points of the song, it’s a rousing post-punk anthem with momentum and splintered yet brooding melody delivered by a band intentionally keeping its identities under wraps for the moment at a time when there’s not a lot of mystery in the world of music, art and culture. Listen to “Alphas” (recorded by Steven Bardgett of Mouses) on Spotify, watch the Anonymous-esque origin story video below and follow the band at the links provided.

Origin story