“Waiting to Happen” is Flood for the Famine’s Torch Song to a Dysfunctional Phase of Life

Flood for the Famine, photo courtesy the artist

Alex Lindner sounds like he’s singing into a huge, empty concert hall late at night on the Flood for the Famine single “Waiting to Happen,” the title track to the project’s debut EP. The music video begins with Lindner seeming to wake from a dream into another dream wherein he’s called on to perform with, alternately, the moon and a jazz lounge crowd as his audience. He reminisces about wandering down dark streets in a state of lovelorn/lovestruck confusion as he sings about hitting rock bottom and starting all over as if he’s well neigh familiar with this cycle in which he’s been, as the title of the song suggests, waiting to happen, waiting to not just live his dreams but to live a life as a human being that isn’t constantly holding himself back from full development as a person with self-sabotage. The dark, crystalline blue tones and the dusky lighting of the video perfectly matches the song’s reflective mood and blend of smoky torch song to a life to be left behind and luminous downtempo pop. Vocally, Lindner brings the right amount of grit to give the otherwise smooth song some earthbound character so that its emotional impact is concretized in the mind. Watch the music video on YouTube and follow Flood for the Famine at the links provided.