The Sensuous and Hopeful “Krill” by shi offline is a Minimal Techno Pop Song About the Uncertain Feelings of a New Relationship

shi offline Golaya cover (cropped)

The new shi offline single “Krill” uses minimal synth swells and an evolving rhythm scheme to convey a sense of a fragile love in the early stages of its development. There is a tentative quality to the music that is somehow also evocative embodying the uncertain feelings and caution of someone who isn’t sure if committing to the feelings welling up in her is a good idea or if the potential heartbreak she senses possible is worth the risk. Akisa Tsybina’s vocals are reminiscent of a more contemplative Alice Glass while Gordian Gleiß’s production mixes a chillwave sensibility with the tonal scheme and rhythmic cadence of 1980s New Order for an effect that manages to make the song sensuous and hopeful rather than fearful of an unknown future with the object of one’s attraction and affection. The track is from the duo’s new album Golaya (released on October 18, 2019) and you can listen to it, and likely the rest of the album, on Spotify. Also below you can watch the official music video and follow shi offline ONLINE at the project’s website.