Mt. Wolf Untangles the Knots in Your Consciousness With the Dream Folk Single “Tayrona”

Mt. Wolf, photo courtesy the artists

There is the quality of hearing something on a sleepy morning on AM radio to Mt. Wolf’s single “Tayrona.” The UK-based band has been away for a few years and this song, featuring Tamsin Wilson of Wilsen (the first single from a forthcoming collaborative project to be released through Akira Records), sounds like something on the beginning, the opening, of something new. A new day, a new chapter in life, a new era for the band. No strangers to delicate textures that suggest space and atmosphere, Mt. Wolf brings a good deal of that to “Tayrona.” But the vibe is more like imagining the soundtrack of looking at old Polaroids of a life you had a decade ago but have enough life experience to appreciate what you did not fully at the time but can glean from the imagery that stirs memories and emotional associations. But rather than make you sad it allows you to reconnect with a time when things seemed more new and magical and bringing that energy into the present to suffuse your present endeavors with a sense of freshness and gentle flows of inspiration. Though soothing in its effervescent soundscapes the song also goes through your mind like it untangled the knots in your consciousness. Listen to “Tayrona” on Soundcloud and connect with Mt. Wolf at the links below.