Haruhisa Tanaka’s “1110” is a Musical Modeling of the Interference Patterns Formed Between Ripples of Raindrops on the Ocean and Clouds Drifting Together

Haruhisa Tanaka, photo courtesy the artist

Drifting in on clouds of billowy drone, Haruhisa Tanaka’s “1110” from his album Gone sounds like what patterns of ripples from drops of rain impacting each other endlessly might sound like if abstracted into sound. Or of the aforementioned clouds passing into and over each other in the night. The interference patterns that result from natural, everyday phenomena that we experience and note but rarely take conscious note of is what Tanaka embodies in this composition. The louder, distorted sounds are those interference patterns as the frequencies intersect in the track. By giving voice to these cycles of the natural world Tanaka’s “1110” is like the musical equivalent of a Zen garden capturing the simple and comprehensible nature of the universe if only we can quiet the mind enough to take it in in its proper measure. With the tranquil mood of this song that openness to the sort of revelation the Buddha believed could be had if one could look properly into a blade of grass and attain a deep understanding of all things and their interconnectedness might just be possible. Listen to “1110” on Soundcloud and follow Haruhisa Tanaka at any of the links below.