“Sniper” by Color Theory is a Brilliant Cyberpunk Synthwave Story Song

Brian Hazard of Color Theory, photo courtesy the artist

Brian Hazard as Color Theory has in “Sniper” a fast-paced electronic pop song that combines minimal synth dance sensibilities with some 8-bit tones. Difficult to say if he used a modified Famicom to put the beats and sounds all together but fans of Depreciation Guild will appreciate the modes and tones employed here. By using digital noise elements in an otherwise melancholic melodic song with a fairly dark theme, Hazard is showing how, like Kavinsky, you can do a kind of cyberpunk short story collection based in an 80s that never happened. With the first two Color Theory singles from the forthcoming eleventh album (tentatively titled Lucky Ago) “Backward” and “Feral” Hazard is developing a bit of a conceptual narrative that interrelates while each song stands very much on its own. For the project, Hazard has some strong ideas about how he put the record together and conceptualized it beginning to end and after listening to the song you can explore the artist’s richly imaginative body of work and progress toward the release of the new album at the links below.


“Unfinished Love Song” by MBG Hits All the Right Notes About the Complexities of Romance

MBG, photo by Shireen K. (IG: shireenkphotoz)

Yearning, wistful, introspective, resigned, accepting—Leena from MBG packs a lot of emotional mileage into a spare and soulful song about love and how we often question ourselves in how we fit into the relationship and sometimes realize that we can’t live up to expectations because we have to be who we are and honest with ourselves more than fulfill someone else’s fantasy. Somewhere between a country song and bluesy folk, “Unfinished Love Song” may live up to its title because your life and your connections with people rarely end with the kind of manufactured closure that you might find in a movie, a novel or a hackneyed pop song. With its expressive guitar lines and nuanced vocals, “Unfinished Love Song” also has the subtext of a reminder to be gentle and kind with yourself even as you question it all. MGB’s new EP Have a Alright Day recently released on Spotify and you can listen to “Unfinished Love Song” below and follow MGB’s work and happenings at the links following.

Have a Alright Day on Spotify

Heron’s “The Glow” Evokes a Peaceful Summer Sunrise

Heron, photo courtesy the artist

Prior to the July 19 release of its second full length album Sun Release, post-rock band Heron from Warren Pennsylvania set forth the single for “The Glow.” Perhaps a nod to Microphones, the song itself begins with a dawn-like shimmer to the sun rising on a peaceful day of feeling whole and well-rested and motivated to do something as if, yes, one has a glow emanating from within to drive a spirit to living fully. Maybe that explains the title of the album as well. The ethereal echo of sounds at the end definitely sounds like someone or something has launched toward better places. Listen below and keep up with the band at the links provided as it prepares to roll out the new record and the more than likely series of live dates in support.


Ala Ghawas’ Richly Dynamic “Mars” Evokes 80s Art Pop Stars and Modern Soul

Ala Ghawas, photo courtesy the artist

Rarely will we share a song by the same artist this close together but “Mars” is a very different flavor and sound from Bahrainian songwriter Ala Ghawas. It’s still rooted in a sort of fusion of folk, jazz and pop but “Mars” finds Ghawas processing his soulful voice and otherwise incorporating a broad range of vocal styles in a relatively short song. Musically it’s a bit like hearing something that bridges modern soul with 80s artsy pop like Talk Talk and Peter Gabriel. The fascinating changes, dynamics and dazzling array of instruments brought to bear in the songwriting but channeled into an accessible form speak to a talent that could make him a darling of American alternative radio, if he isn’t already, given half a chance.