Winter Hell’s Bedroom Dream Pop Song “High Time” is the Ideal Soundtrack For Creative Self-Indulgence on a Snow Day

Sioux Falls, South Dakota seems like an unlikely place to find left field music but with the independent record store Total Drag bringing in up and coming bands on the underground and indie circuit and the existence of noise rock/post-punk band Off Contact (formerly Lot Lizard) among others it’s difficult to say what you might find. And thus Winter Hell whose Lindy Wise is the singer in Off Contact. Winter Hell is a different sound entirely and its single “High Time” has a bedroom pop chillwave vibe that weaves together elegant and gentle melodies with Wise’s introspective vocals floating in a teaming flow of distorted synth and lo-fi electronic percussion. It has the quality of cassette you might find at a thrift store and not know where it’s from or when except that its sounds have an undeniable charm in how it subtly invites you into a journey into stay at home during a blizzard and get lost in musical daydream energy that would’t work with a higher fidelity production. Listen to “High Time” on Spotify and follow Winter Hell at the links provided.

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