Biljana Heights’ Video for Soulful Dream Pop Song “Stranger” is a Mood Piece for Reconnecting With Your Authentic Self

Biljana Heights, photo by Sophie Caroline Gohr

In Biljana Heights’ video for “Stranger” we see her juxtaposed between dreamlike scenes in a cornfield and those in what looks like a luxury apartment in isolation. In both places she discovered an ashen orb that seems to be a catalyst for change by mere contact. The song is about being a stranger to oneself and rediscovering your identity, your authentic self and figuring out what it is in your life that you adopt to fit in to expectation, the personae and emotional habits one adopts that facilitate a socially pleasing façade and getting lost while paradoxically fitting in but at what cost? The song and its lush and subtle production and Heights’ soulful, sultry vocals are reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s moodier compositions and with cinematic quality of the video and music together should appeal to fans of the work of Alex Garland and the music videos of Perfume Genius. Watch the video for “Stranger” on YouTube and follow Biljana Heights at the links provided.

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