Akts’ Kawaii Hyperpop Hit “Spirit Machin” Is Refreshingly Hype Yet Chill

Listening to “Spirit Machine” by Akts one might imagine a top 40 dance pop performance show that exists in an alternate universe of kawaii anime. The playful rhythms are a truly realized fusion of glitch pop, IDM and hyperpop. Even though the lyrics are all but impossible to suss out they convey meaning and when the song chills out toward the three minute mark like a frolic in a park that somehow manifests mid-song or taking a break out to get a drink in a pop-up cafe that will disappear in mid-moment with the logic of a stream of conscious video game where the utility of a material object only lasts as long as it’s necessary. There is a fresh energy to the song that as alien as it is in some respects it’s the kind of alien experience in music you want to have because it’s hype without being overwhelming. Listen to “Spirit Machine” on Spotify and connect with Akts at the links below.

Akts on TikTok

Akts on Instagram


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