Schnoz Slyly Uses the Metaphor of Being a Creature From Space for Social Persecution of Being the Other on “Aliens”

schnoz, photo courtesy the artist

“Aliens” by Miami-based hip-hop artist schnoz sounds playfully mysterious like the alternative soundtrack to the video game Metroid. But when his vocals kick in with a story about being a “bonafide alien” he brings a bit of swagger to a story that could be a surreal take on what it must feel like to be a classic alien coming to earth via means not familiar to us humans and how even if you aren’t coming with nefarious intentions, human beings will act with terror and suspicion about your nature and motives. But isn’t that really also a metaphor for how we too often treat each other when we encounter someone that doesn’t look like our in group (racially, ethnically, socially, religiously, culturally etc.) and how many people will act like they don’t even know how to relate to that person and treat them accordingly. Schnoz identifies what it feels like to not want to start trouble but having it delivered to you merely because you are sufficiently different. Fans of Aesop Rock may appreciate schnoz’s cadence and use of creative beats drawing on mood more than mere rhythm. Listen to “Aliens” on YouTube and follow schnoz’s further exploits on Spotify.


Author: simianthinker

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