The Quiet Project’s Video For “Three Thousand” is the Perfect Fusion of Stop Motion Aesthetics and Musical Minimalism

The video for the Antarctica-based The Quiet Project’s “Three Thousand” pairs well with the intricate and rapid piano arpeggios and almost pointillist percussion. Like what appears to be a video made with stop motion style using PhotoShop to craft a short animated film with hundreds or even thousands of stills had a parallel with the composition of the song. Tiny bits of sound and progressions arranged and synced with the imagery until the end when a single flower in sunlight after the rapid succession of images across the sunny part of the day seems to encompass the complete wonder of nature and its multifarious expressions to which we were treated on the rest of the track. Watch the video for “Three Thousand,” which may be the number of stills involved in the crafting of the visual element, on YouTube and connect with The Quiet Project at the links below.

The Quiet Project on Instagram


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