Sasha Scott Invites Us to Experience the Shifting and Flowing Dynamism of a Complex System on “Swarm”

Sasha Scott “Swarm,” image by Julia Soboleva

The cycling, distorted, sparkling tone that fades in and out that draws us in to Sasha Scott’s “Swarm” has a structure not unlike that of a swarm of insects. Composed of individual resonances that become vivid and coherent then diffused in its ever evolving dynamic, Scott seems to chart what on some level has to be a complex mathematical construct that doesn’t operate according to any distinct logic but its own organic arrangements. Into that cloud of distorted tones Scott extrapolates a physicality that she orchestrates in ascending volumes and into a slow wave that slow ripples in a create use of stereo processing so that we feel like we’re within the swarm as well and finding a strange comfort in its enveloping energy. Listen to “Swarm” on Spotify and follow Sasha Scott at the links provided.

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