Business Cashmere’s “Like A Ghost” is Like the End of a Long Dream of Emotional and Social Isolation

Business Cashmere, photo by the band

Business Cashmere’s “Like a Ghost” (as in living like one) has an ethereal, slow roiling sound that brings to mind a pace like an icicle melting in sunlight. Its descending guitar line and background bass drone and a vocal that sounds like someone emerging from an extended slumber makes it difficult to pigeonhole for a genre. The lyrics paint a portrait of social disconnect and personal alienation but running through with a yearning for connection, for emotional intimacy against the habit and comfort of social isolation in which you risk nothing of yourself and can tell yourself how independent you are until your memory of what life can be when it’s not just being cloaked in a hermetic psychological zone. It’s a song about becoming vulnerable against your will and with great reluctance but as an impetus from a corner of your psyche that recognizes that the limitations you’ve imposed on yourself to prevent the kind of heartbreak and disappointment that happens during the course of a normal human existence. It’s a dreamy song for waking from a dream that served its purpose but like all dreams has to come to an end whether you will it or not. Watch the psychedelic and hypnotic video for “Like A Ghost” directed by George Till and Christine Makowski on YouTube and connect with the Denver-based Business Cashmere at the links below.

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