Lonely Lions of Alabama Lures You Into the Grand Adventure of Its New Album With Cinematic Opening Track “Ocean – Intro”

When you listen to the beginning of “Ocean – Intro” by Lonely Lions of Alabama (a project based in Minsk, Belarus) it’s not like listening to a song per se but a soundtrack to an epic and mysterious adventure. The sound of birds by the seashore lead to wind sweeping in from the coast and a spiraling sound in the distance like a beacon, the pulse of a lighthouse in the night. Then streams of distorting synth and a more atmospheric sheet of tone before the action of the song begins with whorls of bright and then ethereal sounds over a touch of percussion. In moments it recalls Carmine Coppola’s work for the soundtrack to Apocalypse Now in stimulating the imagination and sense of wonder with the promise of something engrossing and transformative ahead. Listen to “Ocean – Intro” on Spotify where you can listen to the rest of the album Синдром отрицания (in English, the suggestive and provocative title Denial Syndrome) and follow Lonely Lions of Alabama at the links below.

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