CoastalDives’ “75” and the album Next Light (DATA104) are Like the Soundtrack to an Enigmatic and Existential Science Fiction Thriller

Pairing a simple arpeggio with a lush background drone on “75,” CoastalDives evoke the feeling of an existential science fiction thriller. The melody seems to accelerate slightly as the song goes along and an undertone of emotional urgency and intensity colors the enigmatic feel of the song creating a sense of anticipation of what might be awaiting us on the other side of the musical journey like the point in the movie when the cumulative knowledge acquired in the first half leads the protagonists to a place or to a meeting that will decide the future going forward. Listen to “75” on Spotify where you can further explore CoastalDives various works including the rest of the Tangerine Dream-esque, 2022 album Next Light (DATA104) mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri of The Sight Below and follow Coastal Wives at the links provided.

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