David Curington’s Sprawling, Plunderphonic Ambient Piece “Assured Listening Experience” is Like a Creative Deconstruction of the Constant Media Content Bombardment of Everyday Life

David Curington, photo courtesy the artist

“Assured Listening Experience” sounds like David Curington paired various clips of radio theater programs, corporate training videos, industrial and scientific data audio, the news and random conversations with short bursts of white noise, animal samples, synth drone, oscillators, field recordings, perhaps movie dialogue, segments of a random piano work and an array of sound effects. All throughout the first portion, at least, a voice is heard reciting various playing cards and their suits. Later facts and figures in the same deadpan voice. Is there a pattern to the cards? Significance to the numbers and figures? Probably but decoding that might take the attention to detail and associations of a savant and at any rate it fades out or well into the background like the ghost of a numbers station. The oscillating drones that periodically change in pitch might have a pattern with an intended psychological effect in the layers of voices and sounds like the ghosts of a thousand BBC transmissions into space pooled into the collection of a listener and curator on a distant world pulling these sounds together to make some sense of what put together might seem like chaos but which at one time each had its discreet context but in this new arrangement takes on an amalgamated new significance as disembodied and de-contextualized artifacts of culture. By the time the 26 minute track comes to the conclusion of its three movements it’s like an avatar of the background, constant stimulation of everyday life so that such an array of signifiers becomes its own kind of ambient art piece that hits with an alienness in its familiarity. Listen to “Assured Listening Experience” on Soundcloud and follow David Curington at the links below.

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