Guram Tsagareishvili Captures That Liminal Moment of Catharsis at the Intersection of Despair and Hope on “Gzajvaredinze”

“Gzajvaredinze” by Guram Tsagareishvili has some charm and energy in its post-punk style with the urgent, almost pointillist guitar lead over spare drum machine. But the distorted vocals and parallel melodic, more elaborate guitar lead opens the song up emotionally and musically while honoring mixed and intense feelings of melancholic catharsis. The title is Georgian for “At the Crossroads” and the songwriter offers a tidbit of its inspiration being how “everything happened at the crossroads” including a breakup and a promise “the next song would be called ‘Crossroads’ and it would be the best thing I’d ever write.” Certainly this song expresses a mood of being at a point where everything has crashed in on you and you have nowhere to go but forward in any direction that seems right in that moment. With any luck there’s plenty more to come and further creative achievements but this song should appeal to fans of French Police, Haunt Me and Molchat Doma. Listen to “Gzajvaredinze” on Spotify and follow Guram Tsagareishvili at the links below.

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