Detective Larsson Strokes a Tone of Warm Romantic Affection on Dream Folk Single “Lisberg”

Detective Larsson, photo courtesy the artists

From the opening guitar riff and haze of synth of “Liseberg” there is a mood of a deep dive into an emotional memory. Detective Larsson in using guitar and strings to bolster the warmly introspective vocals truly evokes an intimate tone of romantic affection that lingers well after the song ends and through the ending in which the artists left a touch of post-song guitar sound the way you’d hear if you were there to witness the song live. And that air of spontaneity is what keeps the energy fresh and sincere. There is a bit of Swedish folk music flavor on the track perhaps brought to the table by singer Amanda Larsson who is from Skövde, Sweden, but it also resonates with other folk traditions and it is that enigmatic yet welcoming aspect of the song that sets it apart from something that might easily be placed in a specific subgenre of pop or folk or rock. Listen to “Lisberg” on Bandcamp and follow Detective Larsson at the links below.


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