Springworks’ Collage Pop Experiment “Catastrophe Just” Is Like the Mutant Offspring of Kiwi Rock and Musique Concrète

Springworks dropped on us “Catastrophe Just,” a song that sounds like it was assembled from a sped up sample of a 1980s New Wave pop song, perhaps something from the Flying Nun imprint due to the slightly outre melody and rhythm, taped from the radio dropped into a field recording of a busy restaurant from the perspective of the dish pit lending a unique, almost pointillist texture and percussive element that was never meant to be used that way but somehow also works so that the rhythm of that and the melodic sample synergize to create something new and truly unusual yet undeniably accessible. That it ends on the sounds of people talking from a crowded room gives it a haunted quality as well but without the spookiness. Not much like it and though lo-fi the concept is not, rather it’s arrangement taps into that sonic resonance to mutually recontextualize and create something that isn’t hypnogogic pop or experimental post-punk or anything like that but its own hybrid style which we don’t hear nearly enough. Listen to “Catastrophe Just” on Spotify and follow Springworks at the links below.

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