Kendall Bates’ “Transmission 3” is Like the Sample Soundtrack of a Winter Vacation on a Remote and Tranquil Planet

Kendall Bates crafts a deep sense of space and mood on “Transmission 3.” Like maybe we’re hearing the decayed recordings of a device sent to capture and send forth the sounds of a distant planet and in the transmission wavelength something is added to the sound patterns of water coming into a shore we can’t see. Or it was once video and now all we have is the sound portion or the data approximation and reconstruction of those transmissions from which a scientist might be able to glean some facts about that planet and its environment from this particularly abstract and corrupted information but once plugged into a program to map out the wavelengths into sound we get the tinkling of chimes, slowly expanding drones, the sound of rain and an incoming tide and an environmental sound of such depth of field it’s like we are sitting on that alien shore and soaking in the beautifully desolate tranquility that is nevertheless rich in subtle sensory detail. Listen to “Transmission 3” on YouTube and follow Kendall Bates at the links provided.

Kendall Bates on Bandcamp

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