Dephree Commits to a Coming Correct and Breaking With a Vicious Cycle of Self-Abuse on “Start Again”

Dephree, photo courtesy the artist

Dephree employs an eclectic and evocative beat for “Start Again.” Moody and chilly synths in the proper moments, hard hitting percussion and in the beginning a touch of guitar to provide a bit of both texture and rhythm. It’s a song about hoping he hasn’t gone too far down a path of self-destruction that has impacts for the people around him to make the proper amends by first breaking out of a vicious cycle of substance abuse and the unfortunate behaviors and activities that almost always support being caught up in that habit. Whether being in that moment of life came out of not having the proper coping mechanisms to deal with emotional trauma, in the song we hear a desire to make a break with it and to not keep on making apologies no one wants and to take the pain and self-hatred and not so self-hatred to overcome the personal demons that keep one unable to be consistent in living a proper and healthy life. The production on the song is clearly out of a more old school hip-hop approach and the alternative end of that and one hears what might be shades of an homage to influences here and there throughout the track but in embracing an aesthetic out of step with many tropes of the genre now prevalent it makes the point in not only word but sound and sure it’s a bit of a gimmick but wait until the end of the song for a nice symbolic exclamation point of intent. Listen to “Start Again” on YouTube and follow Dephree at the links provided.

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