GLOSSER Vividly Evokes the Internal Tensions and Reconciliations of Adapting Ourselves for Public Consumption on “The Artist”

GLOSSER, photo courtesy the artists

What make’s GLOSSER’s single “The Artist” particularly effective and standout is how its musical elements establish undeniable melodic hooks but with the emphasis in the rhythm. A clipped bass line in sync with the spare percussion accompany vocals with the most light of effects to give it some glow is the foundation but then the song drops off into spaces of warmly ethereal synths as though free falling slowly before the rhythm picks back up and a simple keyboard melody eases the song back into its verses. Keynotes of background tonal harmonies and the most minimal of drones add a moody detail the lends the track a complexity of soundscaping that is subtle and tasteful and again enhances the main feature of the vocals lyrics about the struggle to balance one’s humanity and genuine emotional life and that of engaging in creative work that will meet an inevitable public. But in order to make resonant work the sensitivity and vulnerability that can’t be faked, that must come from a core, genuine place in order to really reach anyone or be a an expression worth putting into a coherent form which can be more raw for some people to really appreciate and too real and that risks a rejection or critique that doesn’t match that sensitivity and emotional nuance. The song’s lyrics vividly depict that internal process in a way relatable whether or not you’re an artist because just to get through life we often have to present a mediated version of ourselves which can create a tension inside our minds that can feel like a perpetual attempt to appeal to people or a situation that is more demanding than nurturing. GLOSSER was just able to distill the ordeal and reconciliation into a soulful, unconventional earworm of a pop song. Listen to “The Artist” on YouTube and follow GLOSSER at the links below. Look out for the full album DOWNER out January 27, 2023.


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