“REINCARNAGE” by mirrored fatality Subverts Conventions of Punk, Industrial and Noise to Challenge Our Internalized Hostility Toward the Natural World and Ourselves

mirrored fatality, photo courtesy the artists

“REINCARNAGE” finds mirrored fatality utilizing layers of drone and textural rhythms in a hypnotic drift to draw you into its ultimately harrowing examination of the destructive impact of modern human civilization and our internalized attitudes of hostility and consumption toward the natural world, what we often perceive to be outside of human culture, and within ourselves. What starts as gentle and tender shifts to reflect the brutality humans have come to accept as the norm in conceptualizing the natural world and our collective existence as necessary sacrifices for the almighty “economy” as a higher nature than nature itself. The song disrupts being able to hold to that mode of thinking by subverting conventional song structure and aesthetics and inviting one to take on the song on its own terms outside of any settled genre but with a distinct identity that isn’t ossified into fixed categories. Yes, if you’re someone that appreciates noise, industrial music, glitch, grimier hyperpop and outsider punk you’ll find some touchstones of appreciation. But really its a listening experience that is about something and evokes that perfectly. Listen to “REINCARNAGE” on Bandcamp and follow mirrored fatality on Instagram.


Author: simianthinker

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