Waves_On_Waves Taps ORAX and Crimewave For Darkwave Breakup Track “Stab Me In The Back”

Waves_On_Waves tapped 23 different producers for the album Synthony of Destruction (which released on October 21, 2022) so that each track has a distinctly different quality and character. ORAX and Crimewave worked on “Stab Me In The Back” and brought to it a sound that splices together aspects of 1980s synth disco, 1990s industrial dance music and modern darkwave. The result is glittery guitar work interweaving with layers of synth both atmospheric and orchestrated tonal arpeggios creating a dramatic backdrop haze for a song about a bad breakup either romantic or other partnership and the way a person who knows too much about you can betray you in specific ways and cause you social and psychological harm. In the song the vocals call for a clean break and not hold on in a co-dependent dynamic of manipulation with one person thriving off the negative attention that doesn’t serve them so well in the long term either even if it might seem thrilling and rewarding in the moment when just letting go would be a better use of time and energy. Fans of late 90s and early 2000s industrial rock will find something to like here though its flavor is more post-punk and vulnerable rather than aggressive in its approach to the subject matter. Listen to “Stab Me In The Back” on YouTube and follow Waves_On_Waves and ORAX and Crimewave at the links below.

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