“Sonny” by casey anthony is a Sludgy, Noisy Post-Rock Evocation and Exorcism of Personal Hell

“Sonny” by casey anthony has a grimy brutality reminiscent of mid-90s Unsane. But here the post-hardcore sound is infused with noisy electronics and even the slow pounding percussion sounds like it’s being put through some processing. In moments it has that borderline psychotic break quality one hears in Daughters circa Hell Songs but when that music is slow and surreal and here there is a sludgy quality that feels like being dragged through a personal nightmare. Within and on the edges of the song are sounds like if rapidly reverberating springs were captured and put through a pitch shifter to give them a mechanistic yet otherworldly tone and though the song has a monolithic vibe it is one seething with sonic and emotional detail. Listen to “Sonny” on YouTube and follow casey anthony from Los Angeles at the links below.

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